German ASEAN Power offers our outstanding commercial, legal and technical expertise we apply in own project developments to interested third parties looking for professional developers to develop on their behalf or support their own developments by a co-development structure.


Project development includes everything from project conception, project financing and the sum of all commercial, legal and technical measures, to complete a project within a given cost, quality and time framework. German ASEAN Power focuses on sound contractual designs, appropriate risk allocations and management as well as structured solar power plant realization concepts to achieve low-cost solar power due to full in-house project development.

Solar system costs are globally transparent and subject to a usual market price driven by well-functioning competition among EPC companies and component manufacturers. Therefore, the biggest factor in decreasing the costs of solar electricity is to decrease the costs of capital. This can only be achieved by the project developer in partnership with the off-taker through sound contractual design and mitigation of risks in the contractual, construction and operating phase.